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Mindman was founded in 1979 and is engaged in the production and sale of various types of pneumatic equipment. The company has 480 employees. The company improved the efficiency of investments in production facilities and specialists to expand its production capacity. An efficient automated production and technical management line reduces production costs, therefore, makes the manufacturer's products competitive throughout the world. Their well-organized management continues to promote the quality of their products, and is put in place in quality control.

In 1999, their advanced product was ISO-9001 certified, which gave the product an international qualification. Currently, the products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world, with the main destinations covering America, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and so on. Continuing to promote quality and meet the requirements of its customers is the company's management concept. They consider it their duty to strictly control the entire production process and to offer their customers reliable products. With over two decades of accumulated experience in this field, their wide variety of products now include solenoid / air control valves, FRLs, pneumatic / hydraulic cylinders, pallet control systems, pipes, fittings and all different kinds of hydraulic power accessories. MCHK-s

Indeed, from automated casting and robotic CNC machining to assembly quality and varied inspections, well-planned manufacturing processes and facilities are a positive outcome of their current successes. In the large market for pneumatic components, the company has truly transformed itself as a powerhouse of quality and innovation. Customers can rely not only on the company's innovations, but can also enjoy their continuous innovation.

Mindman is more than happy to welcome all customer inquiries. The entire team of the company is professionals who are there to provide assistance. Customers from different countries around the world can rest assured to receive the best service.

Products of the company

Solenoid valves

Mindman solenoid valve, air valve, electric valve, gear differences, solenoid valve body, control valve connector

Solenoid valves (2 way)

Simple structure and easy assembly. Small size, high fluidity, little electricity required. Available liquids: air, gas, water, oil, etc. In addition to PT filament, BSP / NPT are also available.

Auxiliary and mechanical valve

Diversified air or manual control, 2 ports 2 ways to 5 ports 3 ways for application. Port size: M5 ~ 3/4 ". Series: Auxiliary valve, Mechanical valve, Manual valve, Manual valve lever, Rotating manual lever.

Air block

Air filter, regulator, oil filter lubricator, aluminum, plastic suction filter housing, digital pressure auto drain

Compressed air dryer

Mindman compressed air dryer made of stainless compressed air separator filter, outlet air reservoir, inlet for air compressor unit. "FAN-UP" plus "two-in-one" makes the best ventilation result.

Standard cylinder

SO-VDMA standard specification. Uniform design, most of each type are interchangeable in spec. Applicable Industries: Automobile / Heavy Vehicle, Food / Beverage, Forestry / Paper, Warehouse Machinery.

Compact cylinder

Mindman Double Acting Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder, Compact Slim Gate Valve Cylinder. Slim and lightweight design, 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the entire cylinder length for general use. Series: Compact Cylinder Series, Arbitrary Mount Cylinder Series.

Miniature cylinder

Mindman aluminum pneumatic cylinder double acting miniature cylinder. Small volume and space saving, high strength stainless steel tube design, with many types of bracket installation. Hole size: 4 ~ 63.

Round cylinders

Port size PT 1/8, PT1 / 4. Mindman double-acting aluminum pneumatic cylinder, Round check valve cylinder, MCCG series. Pipe I.D .: Zh20, 25,32,40,50,63 (mm). Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 9.9 kgf / cm2, Test pressure: 15k gram-force / cm2

Guide cylinder

Mindman Guide Cylinder, Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder, Pneumatic Cylinder, Linear Cylindrical Bearing, Guide Cylinder. Twin-guide cylinder. Triple-guiding cylinder. Double rod cylinder.


High precision combination of cylinder and linear guides. SHADOWS groove sensor. Mindman double acting aluminum pneumatic cylinder, linear slide cylinder with shock absorber and sensor switch for gate valve, MCSS series.

Slewing drive

Swivel angle 0 ° ~ 190 °, high torque, with groove for sensor switch, simplified design for easy installation. Hole size: W16 ~ W80.

Clamping cylinders

Trumpet I.D. 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 (mm). Mindman Double Acting Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinder, Clamping Cylinder with Switch Sensor for Gate Valve, MTA Series. Trumpet I.D. Ж25, 32, 40, 50, 63 (mm). These clamping cylinders are used when needed.

Clamping device

High precision and traction strength, wear-resistance and high reliability with slim space saving design. Built-in sensor switch for the whole series. Hole size: W12 ~ W50.

Rodless cylinder

Hole size: W16 ~ W63. Equal forces at both ends of the piston. High cantilever and straight loads can be taken on the piston. Self-guided. High quality temperature seals are available as standard. Various mounting options. 50% space saving compared to conventional cylinders. Reed switches are available. Magnetic as standard. Simple design allows for quick cylinder maintenance. Slow speed lubrication is available as an option to activate the piston with a very slow and smooth motion.

Cylinder plug

The built-in shock absorber gently catches and stops the carrier. The force of the absorber can be easily adjusted, which makes the cylinder perform at its best according to the speed of the conveyor line. Hole size: Ж32 ~ Ж80.

Other auxiliary equipment

Exhaust Purifier, Muffler, Flow Valve, Quick Air Release Valve, Transfer Valve, Pu Pipes, Couplings, Air Pressure, Jet Cooler.

Hydraulic cylinders

High quality and durable. Hole size: 25 ~ 150. Maximum working pressure: 14MP. Material: carbon steel

Pipe connection

Size range from 4mm to 16mm in metric sizes. Materials include: nylon, polyurethane. Suitable liquids: air, water.

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